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About G.A. Thompson Company

The G.A. Thompson Company was founded in 1961 by George Ambrose Thompson of Dallas, Texas. The company's first products were pre-printed Law Enforcement Forms for rural and suburban Police and Sheriff's Departments across the country.

Throughout the 1960's the company grew by adding new forms to its product line and by direct mail advertising to more and more departments across the country.

Among the many innovations implemented by G.A. Thompson was a simple to use, four-part offense/incident form. This form was small enough for easy use by radio dispatchers. At one time, over one half million of these forms per year were shipped by G.A. Thompson.

In the late 1960's, an attempt was made to develop a truly national uniform traffic ticket. This effort was coordinated by the National Bar Association. G.A. Thompson helped invent this form and promulgate it across the country. At one time, the national uniform ticket was issued in over twenty states. Thirty years later, several states continue to use this form.

In 1977, George Thompson died in an airplane accident in the mountains of Idaho. His nephew, John T. Thompson, became President and Chairman of the Board. In the mid 1980's more active management was required to reinvigorate the company, so Gregg Thompson, George Thompson's nephew, was hired as general manager.

Starting in the late 1970's, more and more police and sheriff departments automated their record-keeping. Because of this, the law enforcement forms business changed. The use of pre-printed multi-part forms declined while sales of single custom forms increased. Also over the years, more and more states developed distinct state uniform tickets. Throughout the 1980's, G. A. Thompson helped law enforcement implement these changes by providing legally correct state traffic tickets customized to the specific requirements of each individual department.

In the 1990's, G.A. Thompson created a systems division to provide computer software products and support to law enforcement across the country. Our most popular software product is our revolutionary Mugshot System. Currently, departments in 17 states use our software to help fight crime.

Today we serve several thousand police and sheriff's departments across the country by providing the finest traffic tickets, law enforcement forms and Windows-based software in the country.