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Software Updates

Computers On Patrol
Current Version
: 9.6q

Hardware requirements: Pentium 166 or faster with 16 meg of RAM. Hardware preferences: Pentium 266 or faster with 64 meg of RAM, SVGA, 8 meg of video memory, Digital Camera with at least 1024 x 768 picture definition.

Known conflicts and issues: The Computers On Patrol Law Enforcement Suite is a MicrosoftVisual Basic version 5 software package written around an office 97 Access data base. There are a few known software conflicts related to Microsoft Jet Engine software and Visual basic that one should know about before installation of the program. If you have any VB4 or VB6 software running on your machine, there could be software conflict causing either the COPS software, your other software, or both to not function properly and return various windows errors. Users of the Office 2000 or Office 95 suites should be careful not to try and view or edit any part of the of the Access database called Mugshot.mdb, in the Cops/Data directory.

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