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Illinois Citations

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ILLINOIS NON-TRAFFIC CITATION (Form IL-NT-4) is a four-part citation. (Price Group 16) The face of all four copies is shown at right.

The back of the first copy (white "Complaint - Court Record Copy") contains spaces for bail, fines, and other court information. The back of the second copy (white "Disposition Report - Enforcement Agency Copy") contains Court Disposition information. The back of the third copy (pink "Police Record-Officer's Copy") contains the same information as the back of the first copy. The back of the fourth copy (goldenrod "Copy of Complaint & Summons - Violator's Copy") contains bail and waiver information.

The citation is 4.75 inches by 9.5 inches and is booked in sets of twenty-five. As with all our tickets, there is no extra charge for consecutive numbering and up to five lines of crash imprinting. Stock tickets are shipped within seven business days from time the order is received.

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